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Catch Great Mobile Poker Action in 2013!

Mobile poker is catching on. Casinos realize that people do not want to carry their laptops around and around. It makes a lot more sense to start looking at getting new mobile offerings into the mix. So if you want to play real money poker on your smartphone, there’s a few casinos that definitely cater to this.


Bodog has built a mobile interface that is ripe for the taking. You definitely want to check out fast action and there may be a bonus or two available. Check out the current promotions on the site for more information.

Switch Poker

Switch Poker is a relatively new player in the market, but they have a great mobile interface. You get big screens, only five players to a table, and giant cards. You get a nice experience that rivals what you would get on the laptop.

Mobile Poker
Terminal Poker

This is a poker room that supports iPhone, iPad, and Android systems, on top of your normal PC experience.


You can play poker on the go at PokerStars. There is a dedicated mobile poker app, so make sure that you look into it as soon as you can. There’s a lot of action that you’re missing out on. PokerStars is absolutely huge, and the early reports of game play have been very solid.

Titan Poker

You can find mobile poker action at Titan Poker. This poker room publishes an Android app. You will not find every single feature in the mobile space, but this is definitely changing over time.

Security Concerns

A lot of people are still leery about mobile poker, thinking that it’s going to be less secure. The reality is that if it were really so unsecured, the casinos wouldn’t be able to offer it. People would immediately refuse to use it — as they should.

Stay the course — there’s plenty of chances to play for real money on the go. If you want the feel of a casino without playing for real money, you will find plenty of apps that do this for you as well. Good luck out there!